GLOVE LOOPS Never lose a glove again.

stop losing gloves


Sick of losing gloves?

Now you can shop, pay the taxi or text without losing your gloves with Glove Loops. These fashionable clip-on wrist loops hang on to your gloves when you can't.


It's easy

Glove Loops get clipped onto the pinky side edge of your glove.  Then you simply put your hand through the loop before your glove. The comfy elastic Glove Loops around your wrists are now ready to save your gloves or mittens!


Lots of cool styles

For women and men. Only $5 a pair. 

One flat shipping fee for up to four pairs. Order $25 or more and ship for free. 

Glove Loops

See how Glove Loops keep you and your gloves together. 

people are saying...

"Totally awesome!"

"Just received my Glove Loops in the mail. Totally awesome. The clip is great - works on knits and leather equally well, and firmly holds one's gloves whether on the hand or not. And beautiful quality and workpersonship. Thank you, Glove Loops!"  Lynn

"Work well"

"My Glove Loops work well on my gardening gloves, allowing me to be hands-free to get a drink of water without losing a glove."  ~Mary 

"At last glove clips for grownups!"

"This is the first winter I won't have to buy replacement gloves.  That's a significant savings, plus they are very cute." ~ Judith 

"I love mine!"

"You will never lose a glove again. Great for women & men and stylish, too!" ~ Jennifer 

"Great while walking my dog!"

"Glove Loops are just what I needed. Now I just slip off my glove to open those pesky doggy poop bags. And I never worry about losing a glove anymore!" ~ Shelley 

"Glove Loops are perfect"

"My wife surprised me with a pair of Glove Loops, and they were perfect for my photography. It was easy to whip off the gloves, focus, aim, click and then put the gloves back on, easily, because they were right there, on my wrists. So Glove Loops were GREAT because for once I didn't lose a glove." ~ Ron

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New products are coming soon!

the story of Glove Loops

Six weeks ago I was walking with my dog Macaroon in Central Park and a friend and her dog. Two mornings in a row featured her backtracking to find gloves she'd dropped. I joked that she needed a string on them or maybe, I said, I could sew loops of elastic inside. But then it hit me. That's a product! 

Research told me that my product idea was not on the market.  So I made a prototype with ugly white elastic, at the time the only kind I knew about, and a drapery hook. I tried it on a glove and it worked. I showed my idea to some women  in the park and was greatly encouraged. 

And then I discovered fold over elastic, ironically known as FOE. I could have jumped for joy. When I saw that crazy, exciting assortment of patterns it comes in I knew that my products were going to be beautiful, fun, funky --  something for everyone. 

I love that I took a real but annoying problem and found a solution.

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Glove Loops

made on the upper east side